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“Everything astoundingly beautiful: music, video, artist. A hug from Brazil, excited, strong and fraternal.”

“I think the violin in this entry will make Fado more popular. The surprising thing is that when we hear the voice of the violin, it is as if Natalia was always performing Fado.”

"Whether you walked or ran quickly to bring the much desired freshness to Fado, ultimately, the angelic Natalia with just four strings was able to achieve the sublime. If this is not Portuguese to the marrow, it may be a perfect example of the much-vaunted whole."

"Natalia, continue. You have not only renewed Fado, but also showed how to revive deeply melodious ways to feel it. Congratulations."

"Her name is Natalia Juskiewicz and she sings fado ... voiceless. Or better: It is her violin that gives "voice" to "our" fado. It is truly chilling."
Express Newspapers

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