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“Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, the way you speak our language, even in the silences.” Portuguese is way of being not a matter of creed, color or ancestry. Be Portuguese in the best that our culture has, but be Natalia forever.”

“I am from a family of professional musicians, violinists, cellists. We are five brothers, all educated, all in prominent places. I know what it takes to reach that level. I LOVE IT.”

"Your violin is like the voice of the singer, transmitting to the listener the force, pain, and joy of music.” “A wonderful marriage."

"I am the grandson of Alfredo Marceneiro. I study and disseminate Fado in all its aspects and I had the extraordinary opportunity to see the video clip where you sing fado with your violin. Congratulations."

"Alone, at home, I began to clap as if I were present at your concert. If I were an art critic my review would read: “This is how Fado can be a beautiful fairy."

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